Teddy Floppy-Ears - my friend

Miś Uszatek (loosely translated as Teddy Floppy-Ears) is a Polish character from the book and animated TV series of the same name. He was created jointly by Polish writer Czesław Janczarski and cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki.

Teddy Floppy-Ears and friends

Miś Uszatek and his friends - Prosiaczek (Piglet), Króliczki (Little Rabbits) and Zajączek (Little Hare), as well as Kruczek the Puppy - were loved by pre-teen kids. At the same time, Uszatek, a teddy bear, played the role of a friend from kindergarten.

He was also liked by parents, as he would always go to bed at appropriate hour, singing the goodnight song:
"It's time to go to bed, as the moon is shining.
Kids like teddy bears, teddy bears like kids”.

Teddy Floppy-Ears

The cartoon is also popular in other countries. In Finland it is known as Nalle Luppakorva, and in Slovenia as Medvedek Uhec; both nations still play it on a regular basis. Also, in Hungary it is known as Füles Mackó, in Catalonia (Spain) as Les històries de l'osset Faluc, in Macedonia as Мечето Ушко (Mecheto Ushko), in the Netherlands as Teddy Hangoor and in Japan as Oyasumi Kuma-chan.

We draw a portrait of the bear.

Portrait of a teddy bear

Books about teddy bears in the school library


Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

We thought your bears were cute and adorable. They were colorful too. You made great drawings.
The Stars, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

I like them too! love catie, Maine,USA