Hi to all teddy friends!

Our City Bolesławiec
Bolesławiec is one of the most beautiful cities of the Lower Silesia region. It lies in the south - western part of Poland. Bolesławiec is well-known for its ceramics pottery. The focal point of Boleslawiec is the Old Town, where you can find the City Hall and old tenements.

Our school and group
In Miejski Zespół Szkół nr 2 (The Union of Primary and Lower Secondary School) in Bolesławiec there are 710 students in 27 classes at the age from 6 to 15. It is a new school. It is bright, spacious, well equipped.

Our group
Our group consists of students of Class IV b. We cooperate with students from the school common room.

Our school library
Our school library is a place where works our group under the supervision of a librarian. In the library we read and borrow books, take part in contests, meetings, exhibitions and educational projects.


ISKRICE said...

Hello to Poland teddy friends :) It's nice to meet you. European old towns are so beautiful!

Greetings from Slovenija!

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Hello from the Stars in Maine, USA!

Ragna - Iceland said...

Hello from Flataskóli. We really like your eTwinning boad, nice flower you have made. Take care :-)

IVANA - Slovakia said...

Hello from Slovakia! Looking forward to working with you!