Our teddy bears


Merry Christmas!


Maine wishes you all a very Merry Christmas!

Maine is the only state in the USA to have a Christmas song. We'd like to share it with you as part of our Christmas greeting to all of our friends here.


Bear-y, Merry Christmas!

We wish all of our friends in Europe a Merry Christmas! We picked our favorite teddy bear photos to share with you. We really liked the Christmas trees made of teddy bears.
We enjoy working with you!
The Stars, Maine, USA


Christmas cards from Slovakia

We send Christmas cards and musical greeting for all our friends. We wish you wonderful Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year 2011!
Ivana and her pupils


Book ´The bear´s dream´ in childrens eyes

This is our book Bears Dream-is presented by pupils.At first, pupils were writing content of book, they were drawing ilustrations in exercise-books and in computers on informatics.They prepared foures of all characters in book and they played some show with them. I must write, that show was played voluntary, we have not prepared anything.So and from these all things is created this video. Enjoy.

Our pictures:



We had MOST SPECIAL DAY today!!!!

Fuzzy, the teddy from USA, arrived to our school by mail. It was SOOOOOOO exciting opening the box.

Fuzzy is just wonderful. It is the softest bear in the world (so we believe!). We play with it during the breaks. And it accompanies us while we're working.

It was very interesting to see it's passport. We immediately made plans about making Slovenian stamps and put them in.

Fuzzy's diary is very beautiful. We're looking forward to writing down about our school days with Fuzzy. Fuzzy is gorgeous!


Dear teddy friends,

reporting a little late we'd like to tell you that on 25th of November our classroom was quite more crowded as usual :) Our teddies came to school with us and we had a beautiful day together.

Teddies introduced themselves and each of them had a different story to share.

We wrote down the stories of their lives.

We took pictures to make a photo album.

In the school computer room we made colorful drawings in Paint. Figures of bears, ofcourse. And we loved it!!!

We know this - WE LOVE TEDDIES !!!

Our book - Little bear

This is our book about Little bear. The text is in a short version but tells the same story. We´ll also put on Twinspace some photos of us making the story and tell you how we did our work.


Our book - Bear´s dream

Ursul pacalit de vulpe - animatie

Hi, friends!
My name is Andreea and I am student in the second grade.

This is my Pink Teddy Bear.
I like to read stories and play with my friends.



Mascot of our school choir

Mascot of our school choir "Melikos" is a big teddy bear. He accompanied the choir during the trip and concerts.

Mascot of our projects eTwinnig is also a nice teddy bear.



This is Sveinbjörn. He lives in Flataskóli, in our library. Sveinbjörn is our travelling teddy bear. All pupils and staff of Flataskóli can travel with Sveinbjörn both in Iceland and we can also take him abroad. We´ve had him for three years and he has travelled a lot. Everyone who travels with Sveinbjörn needs to take photos and make a travelling story. On Sveinbjörns homepage you can see more pictures of him and some of the storys (in icelandic though). We´re looking forward to introduce Sveinbjörn to Fuzzy.

Our teddy bears

Class from the Czech Republic

Hello, we are pupil from the Czech Republic. We are 9 and 10 years old.