The most popular bears in the world

Baloo is the big bear from "Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling.

Bamse is a Swedish cartoon character.

Brother Bear is a 2003 animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

The Care Bears were released in many countries and everywhere they were named different: Die Glücksbärchis (Germany), Los Cariñositos (Spain), Halinallet (Finland), Les Bisounours (France), Les Câlinours (Canada), Gli orsetti del cuore (Italy), Care Bears (Portugal), Ursinhos Carinhosos (Brazil), Szíves Bocsok (Hungary), Kærleiksbirnirnir (Iceland), Los Ositos Cariñosos (Argentina), Krambjörnar (Sweden), Kælebjørnene (Denmark), Care Bears (Norway) en Troskliwe misie (Poland).

Colargol is a fictional bear created by French writer Olga Pouchine in the 1950s.

Fozzie Bear is a Muppet, created by Jim Henson. He is an orange, particularly fuzzy bear who works as a stand-up comic and has a catchphrase, "Wocka Wocka Wocka".

The Gummi Bears
Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears is an American animated television series.

Humphrey the Bear is a cartoon character created by the Walt Disney studio in 1950.

Miś Uszatek (loosely translated as Teddy Floppy-Ear) is a Polish character from the animated TV series. He was created jointly by Polish writer Czesław Janczarski and cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki.

Paddington was born in Peru, where he lived with his parents. Is a fictional character in children's literature, arose in 1956 when Michael Bond one evening before Christmas quickly had to buy a few presents.

Rasmus Klump is a comic strip series for small children created in 1951 by the Danish wife and husband team Carla and Vilhelm Hansen.
Petzi in French, German, Portuguese and Italian
Pechi in Spanish
Pol, Pel en Pingo in Dutch
Rasmus Nalle in Swedish and Finnish
Bruin in English Barnaby Bear in English
Rasmus Klumpur in Icelandic
Bamse Bjørn in Norwegian

Pimboli is a bear cub, born in the Pimbocausienne Forest. He is a Southwest Crumplish poke teddy and a very close friend of Diddl.

Rupert Bear is a children's comic strip character, who features in a series of books based around his adventures. The character was created by the English artist Mary Tourtel and first appeared in the Daily Express on 8 November 1920.

SuperTed is a Welsh animated television series about a teddy bear with magical super powers. It first aired on 1 November 1982.

Tatty Teddies drawn by Mike Payne in 1987 and became a big hit straight away. Tatty Teddies are published under the brand name 'Me To You'. The greeting cards are published in many languages in many different countries.

Winnie-the-Pooh, also called Pooh Bear, is a fictional character created by A. A. Milne. The first collection of stories about the character was the book "Winnie-the-Pooh", and this was followed by "The House at Pooh Corner".

Yogi Bear is a bear who appears in animated cartoons created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.

The mascots

Berlino was the official mascot of the 12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Berlin, Germany.

Bumsi is the mascot of the 2007 World Cup biathlon in Antholz, Italy.

Hidy and Howdy were the mascots for the 1988 Olympic Winter Games in Calgary.

Misha - the mascot of the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

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