The year with the teddy bear - an evaluation.

The schoolyear 2010/2011 was a year of the teddy bear. Adorable teddy bears were everywhere with us: in the school, the class, the library. During lessons, fun and games, travels, even during concerts.

Thanks to common work and joy we discovered:
- the most popular, national books about bears,
- the most popular bears in the world,
- the real bears living on different continents.

In the company of bears we spent different holidays and events. The most important was obviously The International Teddy Bear Day. We spent it very cheerfully. There were a lot of plays, exhibitions, collective reading, painting and drawing. Bears were with us all day long. Bear elements were parts of celebrating: Christmas, New Year, Carnival, Easter, Valentine's Day, Children's Day.
During mutual work some unique collections and albums were created. We gathered:
- our photographs of beloved bears,
- holiday cards with bears,
- carnival masks.

We also discovered popular among children in our countries: rhymes, songs and plays with bears. We showed them each other and got to know of plays and songs of our partners. Additional advantage were bear tasks, wich we created for each other. We created:
- films and photo relations of games and plays with bears,
- a volume of rhymes about bears,
- a set of tasks with bears: puzzles, crosswords, labyrinths, etc.

There was also room for "a little something". We made sweet deserts and showed interesting honey dishes. We made:
- a cookbook with bear's relishes,
- regional honey dishes.
After that year spent with the adorable bear we can surely say, that thanks to the bear now we know each other better, we became friends and learned how to cooperate. Now we know interesting books about bears from different countries and we can distinguish different species of bears. We discovered new games, plays and tasted delicious dishes. We can create holiday cards and carnival masks on our own. We discovered a lot of new computer facilities.

Now we can really say that everyone of us has something beary inside. We wish you similar experiences.

I thank for their excellent cooperation. I wish everyone a nice time during the vacation.

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