Polar Bear writes letters to his friends, and good things happen. There is a surprise at the end!

Teddy Bear Day in Maine, USA

On Teddy Bear Day we all brought our teddy bears to school. The bears worked with us. They did dot-to-dots and read with us, and we made them their own paper bears, and they even came to Morning Meeting. No bears were allowed in the lunch room, and no bears were allowed in the Art Room because they make messes. We had lots of fun.



Soft, fluffy, with a crooked ear or with a path. 25th of November is a holiday of the most lovable plaything, the best children's friend and an irreplaceable cuddly toy - a teddybear.

International Day of Teddybears started right in the 100th anniversary of the toy - in 2002.

In our library there is a huge collection of teddybears: big and small, white and colourful, more and less fluffy. We also discover a history of the holiday, the most famous bears, books about teddybears and bears. In the exposition there can be also found poems about bears and beautiful portaits of teddybears created by school's day-room pupils.

We invite you to visit our exposition.

Portaits with bears.

Teddy bears in Flataskóli

This picture was taken on the International Teddy bear day. We all came with our teddies to school and took them to the library. The librarian read a Teddy bear story for us. We had great time.

Litli bangsi - Little bear

This is our book. In icelandic it´s calles Litli bangsi wich means Little bear in english. At first we Ragna read the book for us and then we made some pictures of how we pictured Little bear. Later we were allowed to have a look at the drawings in the book.


The history of my teddybear

The history of my teddybear - Daria


Our Bear... Where is Catherine?

Teddy Floppy-Ears - my friend

Miś Uszatek (loosely translated as Teddy Floppy-Ears) is a Polish character from the book and animated TV series of the same name. He was created jointly by Polish writer Czesław Janczarski and cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki.

Teddy Floppy-Ears and friends

Miś Uszatek and his friends - Prosiaczek (Piglet), Króliczki (Little Rabbits) and Zajączek (Little Hare), as well as Kruczek the Puppy - were loved by pre-teen kids. At the same time, Uszatek, a teddy bear, played the role of a friend from kindergarten.

He was also liked by parents, as he would always go to bed at appropriate hour, singing the goodnight song:
"It's time to go to bed, as the moon is shining.
Kids like teddy bears, teddy bears like kids”.

Teddy Floppy-Ears

The cartoon is also popular in other countries. In Finland it is known as Nalle Luppakorva, and in Slovenia as Medvedek Uhec; both nations still play it on a regular basis. Also, in Hungary it is known as Füles Mackó, in Catalonia (Spain) as Les històries de l'osset Faluc, in Macedonia as Мечето Ушко (Mecheto Ushko), in the Netherlands as Teddy Hangoor and in Japan as Oyasumi Kuma-chan.

We draw a portrait of the bear.

Portrait of a teddy bear

Books about teddy bears in the school library


This is the book we were working on in past weeks. It has 20 chapters, so we spent quite some time listening to the stories about Piki Jakob.
Piki Jakob is a teddybear. It belongs to a boy from Ljubljana. Together they travel through life and have lots of fun.

We enjoyed drawing their adventures ...

... and writing about them.

Spending time with Piki Jakob was the best!


´Bear´s dream´

This is a book called ´Bear´s dream´ written by Vitalij Lichoded. I tis in Slovak language, so i must translate it to English. Children have written nice ilustrations and we prepare some program.

Happy Thanksgiving from Maine, USA

Thanksgiving is a national holiday here that is not religious. It's a time when we count our blessings. We are thankful for all of our friends in Europe!
Your friends,
The Stars, Maine, USA


Fuzzy, the Friendship Bear

This is Fuzzy, the Friendship Bear. He spent a day in our classroom, and now he is going to visit all of our friends. Fuzzy has a passport and a journal. We took pictures of all the things we did with Fuzzy, and we hope you like them. Fuzzy is off to Slovenia!


The drawings of the story

Our school...JI Tojais - Penafiel

Without course around the world, Catherine and the Bear.(Portuguese story)


My name is Marinka Chaneva and working with children 3-4 years.

 Our kindergarten:

We Kindergarten 'Fireflies "is - most kindergarten in the region.
Were created real conditions providing socialization of children in accordance with state educational requirements for preschool education.
Kindergarten can be considered as a school for social education and development center interests, talents, abilities and skills of children.

Our group is called Smile. For children in group care, educate and train two teachers and two assistants - mentors. Joy is that together we will work on this project.
Photos of everyday life:

This is our city
 a small piece of Bulgaria ...    
Shumen is a city in northeastern Bulgaria. It is the tenth largest in the country and is the administrative center of the municipality of Shumen District of Shumen. This is a town of about 3200 years. The town lies at the foot of the plateau, which has many diverse nature. Its been soars 500 meters above sea level. 

  In Shumen monument is located and "Founders of the Bulgarian state,
presenting the most important moments of Bulgarian history) from VII to X century.
The monument is built of 8 concrete blocks. The interior space is decorated with 21 sculptures and 540 m2 mosaics. This is the only monument of its kind in Europe, through their internal statues and monuments recreates the history of the state.

More images:

Shumen Municipality

Town clock


Shumen Drama and Puppet Theatre Vasil Drumev

Прочит на латиница




We live in a rural part of Maine. There are lots of lakes and rivers.

It's very beautiful here in the Fall.

This is our school. It has about 270 children ages 4 to 8 in pre-kindergarten through grade 2. 
This is the entrance to our school.

 We like to hang our artwork in the hallways.

This is the hallway leading to our classroom.

Here is our classroom door - it has stars on it!

 Welcome to our classroom!

Our room is bright and sunny, and a happy place to be.
We have 20 children in our class. Our class name is The Stars. We have pet crickets and a big computer whiteboard in our class. We have lots of books and we love to read. We are excited about this project with all of our friends in Europe!


Hello from France

This is our school. There are 221 pupils from 3 to 10 .

In our class there are 27 pupils : 16 girls (Fanny, Kathlyn, Angéline, Morgane, Camille, Léa, Justine, Marie, Edeline, Anaïs, Amandine, Manon, Chloé, Claire, Laury and Marion) and 11 boys ( Jean, Ugo, Hugo, Steeven, Julie, Dylan, Valentin, Kylian, Jessy, Florian and Thibault).

Rethel, the town close to Sault-Lès-Rethel:



This is a picture of Flataskóli, this picture is taken from air. As you see our school looks like a bird from air. Our classrooms are in the "head" of the bird. In Flataskóli there are 290 pupils in 1st - 7th grade.

Flataskóli is situated close to many good naturespots. It takes us about 10 minutes to walk down to the sea. Less than 7 minutes to walk to the stream, the lava and our outdooreducation classroom. We are also close to a bus station so it´s easy for us to go on excursions.

This is our school logo. Flataskóli was established in 1958 and is the oldest school in our town Garðabær. Our values, the words written in white on the logo are: education - success - pleasure.