HI to all teddy friends of the world :)

We are The Sparkles, 2.A class from Kolezija Primary School in Ljubljana, Slovenia. There are 22 of us - 9 girls (Eva Č., Lana M., Gaja, Elena, Lana J., Eva Ž., Lara, Lia, Patricija) and 13 boys (Julij, Ivo, Rijad, Jaša, Nik, Filip, Mark, Matic, Luka, Maj, Gal, Matej, Janez). We are 7 years old.

This is our school - Kolezija Primary School. It is a typical city school and it has about 400 pupils from 6 to 14 years of age (from 1st to 9th grade).

We have lots of sports playgrounds infront and at the back of the school. Boys love to play football (but ofcourse :). The school is situated very close to the centre of our beautiful town Ljubljana.

The symbols of our school are a dragon and a pinwheel, which rolls nonstop on the top of our roof (like us, children who never rest :)

Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia. It is an old town with many historical monuments. We love it very much. The symbol of our town is a dragon as well. One of many bridges over Ljubljanica river is called The Dragon Bridge.
You can learn more about our town and our country by clicking on:
We're looking forward to getting to know you as well as working with you on this interesting project.
LOVE from us!


Ragna og Rakel - Iceland said...

Dear class,

We are looking forward to our teddy bear work.

All the best from the pupils in 2nd grade in Flataskóli, Iceland.

IVANA - Slovakia said...

Hello from Slovakia! We are looking forward to cooperation :-)