Fuzzy, the Friendship Bear

This is Fuzzy, the Friendship Bear. He spent a day in our classroom, and now he is going to visit all of our friends. Fuzzy has a passport and a journal. We took pictures of all the things we did with Fuzzy, and we hope you like them. Fuzzy is off to Slovenia!


ISKRICE said...

We're waiting for Fuzzy so much!!! On Thursday we're having our teddy bear day adn we're all in bears right now. It is wonderful! And fuzzy is SOOOO CUTE!

Love from Slovenian friends :)

Ragna - Iceland said...

WE really like Fuzzy and we think he and Sveinbjörn (Flataskólis travelling teddy bear) will be good friends.

We´re really looking forward to his visit, have we got an route for Fuzzy - just so we could have an idea when he´s coming.

Take care our teddy friends.

All the best from Flataskóli.

Nelly - Slovenia said...

We actually don't have a route plan for traveling teddy ... but we can make one :) Fuzzy is coming to Slovenia. Who'd like to be next?

Ragna - Iceland said...

Maybe it would be best to let him travel the shortest distance every time, that would keep the post cost down. I guess by that we in Iceland would get him last and then send him off to his home in Main again.