My name is Marinka Chaneva and working with children 3-4 years.

 Our kindergarten:

We Kindergarten 'Fireflies "is - most kindergarten in the region.
Were created real conditions providing socialization of children in accordance with state educational requirements for preschool education.
Kindergarten can be considered as a school for social education and development center interests, talents, abilities and skills of children.

Our group is called Smile. For children in group care, educate and train two teachers and two assistants - mentors. Joy is that together we will work on this project.
Photos of everyday life:

This is our city
 a small piece of Bulgaria ...    
Shumen is a city in northeastern Bulgaria. It is the tenth largest in the country and is the administrative center of the municipality of Shumen District of Shumen. This is a town of about 3200 years. The town lies at the foot of the plateau, which has many diverse nature. Its been soars 500 meters above sea level. 

  In Shumen monument is located and "Founders of the Bulgarian state,
presenting the most important moments of Bulgarian history) from VII to X century.
The monument is built of 8 concrete blocks. The interior space is decorated with 21 sculptures and 540 m2 mosaics. This is the only monument of its kind in Europe, through their internal statues and monuments recreates the history of the state.

More images:

Shumen Municipality

Town clock


Shumen Drama and Puppet Theatre Vasil Drumev

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ISKRICE said...

Hello to Bulgaria! Your town is very impresive. We're happy you joined us and look forward to working woth you on this project.

Greetings from Slovenia!

IVANA - Slovakia said...

We are pleased that you are with us.

Our Classroom Family - THE STARS said...

Hello to the Fireflies in Bulgaria. We liked your pictures.
The Stars, Maine, USA